VoIP Partner Programs Can Be Beneficial For Your Business

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VoIP Partner Programs Can Be Beneficial For Your Business

As a VoIP reseller, what you probably want from a vendor or supplier is probably quite simple. Commitment, leads, support – both sales and technical, consistency and the ability to respond when you need them to. They in turn of course, may expect some commitment from you in terms of training and development and driving sales numbers. That’s only to be expected.

In most areas of the IT and comms channel, the outline of this relationship and the mechanics of how it works, are set out in a partner program. Many of these are quite similar but when it’s perhaps advisable to look at the elements of VoIP reseller program in some detail. If you are going to become successful at selling VoIP, you are going to need some specific things from any reseller scheme.

Perhaps the most important element is what kind of sales training and support you will be offered. Selling VoIP is quite different to selling an IT solution or connectivity. Voice services are, in essence, very simplistic – and customers take a very simplistic view of them. Without exception, they expect voice services to be 100% available and reliable, at all times.

They also want and expect voice services to be uncomplicated. They are conditioned to simply plugging the phone in and being able to use it. VoIP is a little different though. It offers much more functionality and can deliver a lot more benefits as a result and that needs to be articulated. It runs over IP, and that might need to be explained as well, especially if the customer has any questions over availability and quality.

The approach then needs to be a little bit different; it may take time to explain all the ins and outs to the customer and explore the options. While it’s by no means complex, you do need to know your way around the service you are selling, so the sales training element is important.

The other part of a VoIP reseller program you might want to scrutinise with some care, are the terms around commission payments and recurring income. One of the most appealing aspects of selling VoIP from a commercial perspective, is the potential to earn ongoing income from every seat that your customers install, for the lifetime of the contract. It’s important that this part of the program gives you the potential to build your subscription income.

Finally, you will want to know about management and support of customers, and what kind of backing you’ll get when you engage on the partner program. It needs to suit your needs in all of these respects.