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Why VoIP reseller for businesses makes sense

If you were setting up a new business today, you certainly wouldn’t choose to install an old-fashioned telephone system. Your trusted advisors and suppliers would certainly recommend you adopt a VoIP solution. Quite frankly, nothing else makes sense for business.

Hosted VoIP services are quick, easy and inexpensive to set up. They can be extended at the drop of a hat at little additional cost and best of all, you pay a low per-seat cost, and also benefit from very low call charges. Most calls are free in fact.

Set against these advantages, installing a fixed line service makes no sense as an option. You do still need a fixed line of course, but only to carry your broadband connection. All the VoIP reseller calls will be routed over that line, but using broadband rather than the old analogue technology.

VoIP for business also makes sense for many other reasons. You can choose from an extensive list of features, such as auto-attendant, voicemail, call forwarding and voice recording. This means your team members can be anywhere but still available on their usual number. You can have one centralised number or several local inbound numbers, as appropriate, with calls routed to specific locations.

You can easily make use of conferencing and collaboration options and even integrate your voice system with unified communications software and CRM solutions, so you can maximise efficiency and customer services.

All of this can be done today – and of course you do not have to be a start-up to benefit in all these different ways. Whether you work on your own, have only a handful of staff or run a substantial business with scores or even hundreds of users, VoIP will provide you with a flexible, scalable, cost-effective solution that will make your business more efficient, responsive and dynamic.

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