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Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP reseller for businesses – the voice in the cloud

For many businesses, putting applications into the cloud is a big step. It does not matter how many reassurances you are given, the idea of putting all your business applications and data onto a remote server that is located (and replicated) many miles away, is something of a leap of faith.

This is why many organisations get their feet wet in the cloud by adopting hosted VoIP services. Running voice services over IP does not seem like such a big risk. It should (and does) work reliably and if something does go wrong, you can switch to using mobiles while the issue is addressed.

But frankly, you should not expect to experience any downtime on business-grade services. Hosted VoIP is very reliable. Thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of users depend on it every day.

Hosted VoIP delivers instant benefits. For starters, it is much more flexible. Individuals can work at any location within your premises, at home or even on the move – as long as they have Internet access they can be reached.

Hosted VoIP can be scaled up or down really quickly. If you grow quickly or need to bring in temporary staff for a period, you can add extra lines almost immediately. When you need to scale down, you can do it just as quickly. You will only ever be charged for the lines you have for the time you have them; there will be no long-term contract tie-up on every single line.

Business ERP and CRM Systems

Hosted VoIP can be integrated with your business ERP and CRM systems to enhance efficiency and make managing staff and monitoring call patterns and performance much easier and providing valuable information that will help you improve your business.

There are many more benefits too. If you’d like to find out more about hosted VoIP, please get in touch with our team.