The Benefits of Becoming a VoIP Reseller     

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The Benefits of Becoming a VoIP Reseller     

Becoming a VoIP reseller can benefit your business many ways. Selling hosted voice services will help you win new customers, keep the customers you have and those you acquire happy, and help you build a loyal base of clients who will provide a recurring and growing revenue stream for your business.

If that sounds idealistic, I make no apologies. The ICT industry has been talking about the move to service-based business models for long enough now. We all know that this is the direction of travel and that eventually, all channel businesses will become aggregators, suppliers and managers of services instead of organisations that supply and support the hardware and software that makes up a business solution.

Voice will be one of the services that they need to supply as part of a whole range of offerings that meet the many and varied needs of business customers. And voice is a service all businesses need, without exception. It is the foundation of personal business communications – and people still deal with people at the end of the day. We may have email and IM and collaboration solutions through which we can all communicate now, but no business of any size of status can afford to disregard voice. Customers, suppliers and partners will expect to be able to contact you in this way, as well as all the others.

Being a VoIP reseller is therefore, essential. If you can’t provide this most fundamental of all services, you can’t really be taken seriously as a supplier of all others. And by becoming a reseller of hosted IP-based voice services, you are opening up the potential to attract new customers who are eager to adopt VoIP. Like any contest, you have to be in it to win it, so if you are not actively advertising, promoting and selling VoIP, you are almost certainly missing opportunities to engage with new prospects.

At the same time, you will also be leaving your customers wide open to approaches from competitors that are taking VoIP to market, who have become active VoIP resellers.

It is perhaps worth noting at this juncture that VoIP is a hot-bed of activity and growth right now. The technology has matured. Services are established, proven and trusted. They are delivering real-world benefits and cost-savings to businesses of all sizes and in all industries, today. There is no every reason to get on-board with VoIP; and trying to pretend it is not happening is certainly a bad idea.

By actively selling VoIP, you will in fact be helping your customers by exposing them to a service that can deliver real benefits to their business in the form of improved flexibility, scalability and enhanced communications. VoIP can help businesses to deliver improved customer services and be more responsive. It put them in control of their voice communications and it can also reduce their costs quite dramatically.

A customer that you have introduced to such a service that delivers such powerful benefits is much more likely to stay loyal to you. As you are supplying an essential business service to them, your business and theirs will have much closer ties, which makes it even more likely that they will continue to work with you for many years.

As their confidence – and hopefully their businesses – grow, they are also likely to add more VoIP seats and there will be a commensurate rise in monthly income for your business as a result of that. In this way, being a VoIP reseller acts as a platform for the construction of a healthy business that is founded on regular income from loyal, long-term clients.

The opportunity extends further as well. Customers who trust you to provide VoIP services, are also going to trust you and even look to you to provide other services and as you build your portfolio and relationship with these customers, so your business will increase, providing you with a more stable and sustainable platform for the long term.

The benefits of becoming a VoIP reseller then, extend right across the commercial lifecycle – from new customer acquisition, through customer retention to customer growth and development and beyond. If you are successful in selling VoIP and managing customers, you can expect to generate good income and profit from your efforts – because once you have made the initial investment, customers can be serviced at a relatively low cost – and that will enable you to focus on finding new customers and continuing to build for the future.

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