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What makes a VoIP reseller programme worthwhile?

If a deal is going to work, it’s got to work for everyone. This is true in any industry and it certainly applies to hosted voice services; if the reseller programme a supplier puts forward works for them and does not give the partners adequate rewards, it is not going to work. And it almost…
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The Benefits of Becoming a VoIP Reseller     

Becoming a VoIP reseller can benefit your business many ways. Selling hosted voice services will help you win new customers, keep the customers you have and those you acquire happy, and help you build a loyal base of clients who will provide a recurring and growing revenue stream for your business. If that sounds idealistic,…
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VoIP Partner Programs Can Be Beneficial For Your Business

As a VoIP reseller, what you probably want from a vendor or supplier is probably quite simple. Commitment, leads, support – both sales and technical, consistency and the ability to respond when you need them to. They in turn of course, may expect some commitment from you in terms of training and development and driving…
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Should You Buy Business VoIP From a Specialist Provider?

You might imagine that business VoIP services are pretty straightforward when it comes down to it. And that point can’t really be disputed – Voice over IP is a simple enough technology and does just what it says ‘on the tin’ i.e. allows you to make and receive voice calls over an IP network. Business…
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Voip Technology Overview

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a method for digitalising analog audio signals for transmission over the internet. This method of sending and receiving audio signal is useful because the cost of communicating via VOIP is already accounted for by broadband costs meaning that long distance (and short distance) phone calls can potentially be…
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